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Medication Spotlight: Atectura and Enerzair

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Novartis has come up with some interesting new products in an increasingly saturated market of respiratory inhalers for asthma. Atectura and Enerzair are once-daily inhalers which will provide more options through a Breezhaler capsule system. The Breezhaler features a capsule containing dry powder, which is intended to be punctured and inhaled (do not swallow the capsule!).


The first is Atectura Breezhaler, which contains indacaterol (long acting beta agonist LABA) and mometasone (inhaled corticosteroid ICS). Atectura faces steep competition against Advair, Zenhale and Breo which feature a LABA and ICS combination. The only advantage would be the once daily dosing option, which puts it on par with Breo.

--------- The second is Enerzair Breezhaler, which contains indacaterol, mometasone and glycopyrronium (long acting muscarinic antagonist LAMA). Often, asthmatic patients may not achieve adequate control with a LABA+ICS combination, so addition of an anitcholinergic agent is an option. This is known as triple therapy, which puts it on par with Trelegy and features a similar combination.

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