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PEBC: Theme of the Week: The Most Unusual Pharmacy Fridge Items

Have you ever left an item out at room temperature without realizing it was a fridge item? Aside from the usual injectables including insulin, vaccines and biologics, there are many unusual products that fall under this category. Here, we list the top five unusual fridge items.


1) Estalis Patch: This combined estradiol and norethindrone patch (estrogen/progestin) is used for post-menopausal symptoms.

2) Florinef Tablets: These tablets contain fludrocortisone, which is used for snycope. (Occasionally, staff forget to put the stock bottle back into the fridge after dispensing a small amount of tablets for a prescription.)

3) Vivotif Capsules: This small box of 4 capsules contains live typhoid virus used to immunize against typhoid fever. (Small box = unsuspecting)

4) Clindoxyl Gel: This clindamycin/benozyl peroxide gel for acne is kept in the fridge until dispensing.

5) Xalatan, Xalacom, Viroptic: These three eye drops all contain the active ingredient latanoprost for glaucoma, which are kept in the fridge.

Now that you’ve read this short post, hopefully you won’t mistakenly leave one of these products outside the fridge (it’s a costly mistake!).

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