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Theme of the Week: Ghost Shells

Happy Halloween! Have you heard of the term “ghost shell”? This term refers to medications whose outer tablet shells appear in one’s stool after it passes through the body. Some patients may be alarmed and worry that the medication did not get readily absorbed. However, this is not an issue because it has to do with the release mechanism. Here are the top 3 categories of drugs which appear in the stool:

  1. Glumetza (diabetes): an extended-release version of metformin which is supposed to better control glucose levels

  2. Concerta (ADHD) /Invega (schizophrenia) /Adalat XL (hypertension): these medications use OROS technology to release medication through swelling and osmotic release. The result is a longer duration of action.

  3. Mezavant/Asacol (Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis): These medications deliver medication to specific sections of the entire digestive tract.

Are there any other medications which may spook patients by appearing in their stool?

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