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Theme of the Week: Sneaky Packaging

Manufacturers employ a variety of techniques to attract customers to buy their over-the-counter products. Without proper knowledge, you could be buying a product which seems new and innovative, when in fact, there is something fishy happening.

Here are some sneaky examples you can look at the next time you browse the pharmacy aisle!

1) Voltaren Extra Strength and Voltaren Joint Pain: If you look closely at Voltaren Joint Pain, it is the same diclofenac and concentration (2.32%) as the Voltaren Extra Strength, except the cap is different for “easier” opening!

2) Tylenol Cold and Tylenol Flu: whether it’s a cold or flu, Tylenol brand wants to cater to these similar conditions. Both products contain the same amounts of acetaminophen, pseudoephedrine and dextroamphetamine.

3) Reactine Adult Liquid and Reactine Children’s Liquid: The adult liquid recently came out earlier this year, and is the same concentration (5 mg/5 mL) as the children’s version.

4) Polysporin Cream Plus Pain Relief and Polysporin Kids: Both contain two antibiotics (gramicidin and polymyxin B) and an anesthetic lidocaine.

5) Senokot and Senokot for Women: Senokot is known for its brown colour, whereas Senokot for women is a lovely pink colour with a coating. If you look closely, it is the same DIN product number, so clinically, there shouldn’t be much difference for constipation if used by men or women (look at Dulcolax as well).

Next time when a product is out of stock, you can quickly suggest an equivalent product which has a different marketing look!

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