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PEBC Free Practice Question of the Week [15]

Which of the following medications may have refills if given as a verbal precscription?

a) Nabilone b) Hydromorphone c) Phenobarbital d) Tylenol No. 3 (acetaminophen, caffeine, codeine)

Scroll down for the answer!

(C) is the answer.

Phenobarbital is a Part II controlled drug which can be given as a verbal prescription with refills.

(A) and (B) are incorrect because nabilone and hydromorphone are single ingredient narcotic drugs, which cannot be given as a verbal prescription (and cannot have refills nonetheless).

(D) is incorrect because Tylenol No.3 is a narcotic preparation (contains one narcotic drug - codeine - plus two non-narcotic ingredients- acetaminophen and caffeine). Narcotic preparations can be prescribed verbally, but no refills are allowed.

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