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Useful for PEBC Qualifying Exams (Part II) for Pharmacists (OSCE) and Pharmacy Technicians (OSPE)

Upcoming Exams:

Nov 4, 2023 (OSCE)

Apr 6, 2024 (OSPE)


PharmPower is a leading developer of PEBC-style questions which are realistic and applicable to exams, as well as clinical practice.

In the second part of the PEBC Qualifying Exam, candidates may be asked to check a series of prescriptions for technical accuracy as part of NAPRA's Competency 3: Product Distribution.  Candidates should screen prescriptions for accuracy with respect to:

  • patient

  • doctor

  • drug name

  • dosage form

  • strength

  • instructions

  • quantity

  • refills

  • dispensed product

PharmPower offers a variety of prescription checking practice questions to develop your attention to detail.

Make your effort count by choosing PharmPower today!  If you would like to see the PharmPower difference, see our sample question below.


For the following prescription, identify if there are ANY issue(s) with the dispensed prescription label.  If there are no issues, select "no issues identified".  If there are ANY issue(s), state the correction.  There may be more than one issue.



Name: Doreen Halloway

Address: 5 Laurier Street

Date of Birth: May 5, 1978

Current Date

Pregabalin 25 mg

Sig: iv caps BID

Mitte: 1/12

Repeat x 1

Dr. John Talbot

Address: 42 Main Street

License Number: 45195

Prescription Vial Label:

Prescription Number

Current Date

Doreen Halloway

Pregabalin 75 mg

(240 capsules)

Take 5 capsules twice daily

Dr. John Talbot

Repeats: 0

Answer is at the bottom of the page.




For Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians



Get access to 100 prescription checking practice questions.  Useful for the PEBC Part II exams for pharmacists (OSCE) and pharmacy technicians (OSPE).

Answer to Sample Question

Issues are identified with the prescription vial label.

1)  Drug strength should be 25 mg.

2)  Instructions should say take 4 capsules twice daily.

3)  Repeats should be 1.

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