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Improve Your Pharmacy Exam Success With Our

PEBC and Ontario Jurisprudence Courses

At PharmPower, we develop practice questions for both Canadian and international pharmacy graduates preparing to take the:

  • PEBC Pharmacist Qualifying Exam (MCQ and OSCE)

  • PEBC Technician Qualifying Exam (MCQ and OSPE)

  • Ontario College of Pharmacists Jurisprudence Exam

These exams are important milestones in obtaining your pharmacy license.  What sets PharmPower apart from other exam preparation programs is our integrated case development.  While knowledge is a key component, applying that knowledge towards patient cases is equally as important.


Our multiple choice questions and case scenarios are tailored towards official exam blueprints with respect to content and distribution, allowing for a more realistic testing experience.

Please visit us at our new Canadian website to learn more about our plans:

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